• We sell knock down furniture in flat pack system, therefore we have to make it as light as it can. Therefore we use these three materials to make main component which is particle board, MDF board, and paper honeycomb.
  • We use E1 standard material - Japan and European standard for furniture that only use 0.008% of formaldehyde makes your furniture safe enough with no pungent smelling gas and watery eyes. Hypo Allergenic and no irritant to respiratory system.
  • In 2018 , United States EPA released rule of The Toxic Substances Control Act ( TSCA ), which is aligned with California Air Resources Board (CARB), we proactively provide our US Customers with composite wood panel that comply with this regulation; and purchased from the EPA certified suppliers , thus our products for US customers are TSCA Title VI compliant
  • The purchasing system of our wood component material is trackable and has been audited by SGS under Indonesian department of forestry for legal wood resources, SVLK. The ID number is LVLK-008-IDN. Please visit the website for more information at SVLK
  • As a global manufacturer, we fully aware of customer’s requirement regard to environment and social audit which may vary for each countries. At this moment, we have passed ICS social audit.
  • We are strictly select our suppliers and ensure the PVC and Paper Laminate material are Pthalates free in accordance to REACH regulation