Feronita CY

Chief of Finance and Accounting

Building a career in MEMORY Furniture as the Executive Assistant for GM on March 1, 2017. Not too smooth for a CY Feronita to join MEMORY Furniture, She went through a long process to be able to deliver her to that position. The challenge of the position is to understand the will of a GM Executive. However, it is not difficult for her to adapt to this due to the background or previous position as the right hand of the Company Owner. This makes a Feronita able to understand the GM Executive.

The strategic planning of each department is different, and the challenge of this makes her entrusted to be in direct contact with all departments to grow and have the same working speed.

On September 24, 2018, Feronita CY officially served as a Chief Finance & Accounting. The most important task is to build a solid team and restore the Finance function properly, which is able to control and manage expenses. To lead, She takes a direct approach to everyone in her team, She also set a good example in the absence of no gap between each department.

"Pray a lot, the best will stay here, and the bad ones will resign themselves. People who have a sense of ownership of the company will definitely be loyal and not calculating."





Hok Jaya

Chief of Local Sales

Hok Jaya starts his career as Marketing Manager and Sales in February 2019. Since the company wanted to share its focus to local (besides the main focus more on the export world), in three months, He was promoted as Chief Local Sales and had to build new teams that were also counted new in the field of modern local and traditional local.

"In the past three months what I have gotten is enthusiasm, and the upheaval of young people has spread that spirit. Some people who work here have a spirit that is passionate to work with a fast and dynamic pattern, because of that I prefer to follow the trends that exist in this company."

The leadership displayed by Hok Jaya Sudarmo gives more responsibility and confidence to be more courageous towards the Customer and more courageous in making decisions. The team that was held was divided into several sections including local, modern, local traditional and e-commerce.

e.g.: TOKOPEDIA, Shopee, and some online shops will be on the list soon.


Aris Setiawan

Chief of Infrastructure

For him, as a Chief, He must have a good responsibility and continuously have a consciousness to upgrade himself with the developing knowledge in the field of Infrastructure. Aris Agung Setiawan began his career as a Production Manager as a whole in 2014. As an engineer, the position He gained made him feel challenged by new knowledge which is very contrary to his background. Not long after that position, He was entrusted to hold one of the MEMORY Plant which was at MAUK, for approximately one and a half years and then trusted to lead the current position as Chief Infrastructure from mid-2017 until now, 2019.

Aris Agung Setiawan has a leadership vision that He wants to continuously upgrade himself while in MEMORY. He has motivation in terms of work and likes challenges. One of the challenges that he likes is when having to deal directly with a few positions below him, such as drivers, couriers, do check building feasibility, permits and is responsible for all assets in MEMORY Furniture.

"The use of the right machine can provide the right income" a sentence from a Chief of Infrastructure, Aris Agung Setiawan.


Yanto Huang

Chief of Manufacturing

In early March 5, 2012, Yanto Huang built his career in Furniture MEMORY with the position of Assistant Manager MT (Mechanic Technical). Towards the middle of 2012, in August He was given more responsibility as a Plant Manager for two and a half years, then was entrusted to become the Chief Plant which only coordinated with TALENTA or currently known as PT Talenta Anugerah Pratama in 2015 to 2016. As long as He serves as Chief Plant for Talents, which was obtained in addition to greater responsibility, He also learned to develop people in his team.

Not long ago He served as Chief Plant, He was transferred as Chief Infrastructure in charge of MT SGA and IT from 2016 to 2017. August 2017, He moved as Chief Manufacture until now. In accordance with the background, He was a mechanic who was accustomed to machine and machine maintenance, at first He handled the Manufacture entirely from Tangerang and Batam, but in mid-2018 and until now He was responsible for holding Tangerang area only. His motivation in the Manufacture world is by giving more results to the company even with limited human resources.

Yanto Huang, preferring to continue to develop and take action when there are problems rather than postponing it. He also has a good approach to his team to continue the development of MEMORY Furniture Products. Yanto Huang's sense of ownership of MEMORY Furniture, indicated by his responsibility for the Company's progress.


Santo Yacob

Chief of Technical Supply Chain

Santo Yacob is the longest pioneer who served as a Chief, and the first person who served as Chief began 2002 to 2007. In addition, He also served as Victory Manager. The title “Chief” was established in September 2009 and at that time He served as Chief Manufacturing for a whole area, which is Batam and Tangerang. For about seven years He served as Chief Manufacturing, after feeling satisfied with the knowledge that He gained, He took the initiative to move to another section as Chief of SCOP or referred to as the Supply Chain Operational.

"The knowledge that I’ve got should be applied in other sections and I’d like to give an opportunity to young people to feel the position" In 2016 He was named as a Chief of Technical Supply Chain, this desire was finally achieved and in three months He changed the structure with the number of workers at first 150 people became 100 people. That made him famous and get called a "Human Recycle", with this strategy He showed to MEMORY that the decisions and actions taken were able to contribute well to the company.

He has a high enthusiasm for learning and curiosity about something related to MEMORY but does not rule out the possibility that he also provides education for his team by giving attention directly. As the "Human Recycle", He gives a different perspective, by giving a clear job description and structure that is in accordance with the performance of each human resources.

I would like to say thank you to the team and colleagues who have collaborated with me until now because they are still there until now and the department that I hold is being more better and structured


Franciscus Frederick

Chief of Upholstery Production

Franciscus Frederick is the eldest child of the owner of MEMORY Furniture, The Fredy Mulyanto. He pursued his career in mid-July 2017 as a Research Development Manager, then in 2018 he continued his career as a Sales South Manager for approximately one year and in the end, in March 2019 he returned to his career in SOFA as Chief Upholstery Production.

Franciscus Frederick proved that he was able to do different and independent things. Besides that in MEMORY Furniture has a different challenge and many that make me challenged. He is a person who is a very realist and more direct personal approach with his team. He also applied himself to balance the situation with employees in MEMORY Furniture.



Franky SIM

Chief of Export Sales and Marketing

Franky Sim, a person who has a high desire to learn about anything. He was one of the people who often moved departments while working on Memory Furniture. Starting from January 2007 as a Sales Export Assistant Manager at PT Indorack Multikreasi (now better known as MEMORY Furniture).

As a Sales Export Assistant Manager, in a period of three months, he was offered to serve as Head of Production. As already explained, he has a high enthusiasm for learning new things. As a career improvement, the offer was taken and He was trained for two months before officially becoming Head of Production in May 2007.

Mid-September 2007, Franky Sim was entrusted to hold an R & D position, holding two positions at the same time as the Head of Production and R & D Manager. These multiple positions lasts approximately one year. Due to the increasingly advanced business run by MEMORY Furniture, He decided to release one of the entrusted positions. In the middle of 2007 to 2012, He finally decided to take on a new challenge after serving as R & D Manager, in October 2012 he was entrusted to serve as Chief Supply Chain but with a very short duration of approximately half a year.

April 2013, served as Chief Marketing R & D or referred to as Commercial Products. Approximately four years served in that position. Mid 2017 MEMORY Furniture opened a new business in the SOFA field and at that moment Franky Sim took the opportunity to serve as Chief Marketing Sales of the SOFA section.

In March 2019, MEMORY gave Franky Sim the opportunity to serve as Chief Sales & Marketing Export, quite a lot of experience that could be taken and studied for him who really likes challenges and high curiosity. During his tenure, he prioritized the results done by the team and made a solid team that was started by himself to provide an example for the team.

"Open and responsible for all the things that entrusted to us".



At MEMORY, innovation has become the way we do things every day.

We dream to create an organization where we are known to have best quality furniture that never obsolete and reachable for many people. We relentlessly dedicate ourselves to craft the best furniture possible for our customers. Constantly generating fresh ideas and keeping product cost low while maintaining the highest standard of quality, MEMORY is the place where passion meets potential to create endless possibilities.

Every Problem is our learning opportunity

We view every problem that we discover in the process of creating the best furniture for our customers as opportunity to improve ourselves so that we can present furniture with highest standard to our customers. Solving problem has become our second nature because we believe that we grow fastest through problems.

Constant Improvement is our way of life

We constantly strive to improve every aspect of our job to be the best in our field and in the furniture industry. With strong obsession to detail, we make strive of perfection as our everyday habit.

Curiosity is the fuel of our growth

Creativity and curiosity runs deep in the heart of every of our people. Therefore we give plenty opportunities for our people to learn from the expert, practice what we learn and share it to one another in order to continuously stimulate curiosity of our people.